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About the 4D-i®

The 4D-i® is OneSmartWorld’s 21st century people development solution for increasing personal and professional effectiveness.

By taking a 15 minute online questionnaire, this thinking preference tool can give you a thorough understanding of the specific thinking strategies that you prefer to use and rely on every day. Designed as an assessment for learning, the 4D-i® is not an assessment of cognitive competence, proficiency or personality. The purpose of the instrument is to give you insights both into the particular thinking and emotional strategies you like to use and provide ways for you to expand your skills and capabilities to meet the demands of the 21st Century. Innovation, collaboration , problem solving and communication are the skills smart organizations need to develop in order to succeed in the 21st century. Leaders need to find ways to manage their human capital with the same degree of attention they use to manage their financial capital.

An Introduction to OneSmartWorld and the 4D-i


Why the 4D-i®?

It is time to go beyond personality traits and relying only on strengths. You can’t change what other people do. You often can’t change the situations you find yourself in. You can change what you do and the results you get, by changing your thinking. That’s where we come in. Learn how to shift and develop your thinking skills. Create more ideas. Understand, communicate and collaborate better with others. Make smarter decisions. Build your resilience. Learn the core strategies and skills to master all 4 dimensions of high performance thinking. Find out how you are smart. Learn how to think and work smarter. The 4D-i® is a learning passport into a whole new way of thinking. Learn your own and your team members’ thinking preferences. Grow and expand thinking skills. Increase adaptability. Improve how to relate to people who think and differently. Accelerate collaborative teamwork. Back to FAQs


How do I use it?

Use the 4D-i® to
• Increase self-awareness and develop leadership skills
• Build skills to improve creativity, compassion, decision-making, personal spirit
• Coach and mentor others
• Select teams. Build better teams. Accelerate collaboration.
• Onboard new people faster
• Manage performance and optimize human capital

For the Individual
• Know yourself and grow yourself.
The 4D-i® is most commonly used as a learning tool for developing 21st century thinking skills. Thinking is a skill. Like all other skills, high quality thinking can be learned with proper practice. The 4D-i® comes with a built in coach to help give you practical ways to take your game to the next level.

For the Team Leader
• Leaders today have to guide and manage the most diverse workforce in history.

The diversity of background and the diversity in thinking is hard to manage. The 4D-i® gives you a terrific competitive advantage to help different people get onto the same page and develop greater understanding and appreciation of each other. It gives the team a common language to manage relationships and tools for accelerating collaboration. The 4D-i® helps you connect with your people, coach and build specific foundational skills. The 4D-i® gives your team members an inventory of the teams thinking styles, at their finger tips. You and your team members can use the results to tap into the total intelligence of the team and produce superior solutions faster.

How It Works
Take 15 minutes to complete your 4D-i®. Get your results immediately. Check out your results online. Print your own Portfolio Report. Access and share your results 24/7, for all long as you want. Use it to build your skills. Back to FAQs


What do I get?

Your 24/7 Dashboard to High Performance Thinking! The 4D-i® gives you a 24/7 online dashboard to improve your results with 4 core functions:
• My 4D-i® – Know yourself – scan and use a detailed description of all your results including your 5 highest and 5 lowest preferences
• Coach – Grow yourself – use the tips and planner to work on your skills
• Portfolio – print a personalized PDF reports on your results – your Professional Development Portfolio and a Snapshot –to share with others
• Search – make the most of talent and access the brainpower in your team and organization Back to FAQs


Is the 4D-i® another personality test?

No. We leave the personality out of it. The 4D-i® is a portal into high performance thinking, not a mirror into personality. We wanted to design a useful toolkit for how to operate and work smarter in our fast changing world. The 4D-i® is based on a core set of 21 precision skills and learnable strategies, not unchangeable personality traits. These precision thinking skills are the foundation of all thinking, problem solving, communicating and collaborating. The 20th century produced personality tools like the MBTI, DISC and their derivatives. The 4D-i® system is designed to help people first know their thinking preferences and then grow skills in how to use all 4 dimensions of their total intelligence. Increase creativity. Improve understanding of tasks and people. Make better decisions. Increase resilience. Back to FAQs


Why was the 4D-i® system developed?

In the 21st century, smarter wins. After many years working with businesses, governments, not for profits and educational institutions, we believed that there was a need for better tools to help people to deal with all the change, complexity and uncertainty they were facing. Our goal has been to build the world’s first operating system for thinking, problem solving and collaboration. We needed to ensure it was simple to learn and would make a direct impact on performance. We had to go beyond conventional 20th century personality assessments that labeled people and focused on fixed traits. The new research on neuro-plasticity made it clear that people are smart in many different ways. We wanted to deliver the knowledge, skills and tools that everyone could use to think better, collaborate more effectively and ultimately to work smarter together. Back to FAQs


Who developed the 4D-i®?

Bob Wiele, founder and President of OneSmartWorld, has been the driving force behind the development of the 4D-i®. In 2000, Wiele gathered a talented group of organizational psychologists, database developers, researchers, web designers, graphic artists and performance specialists. The team reviewed the cutting edge research work of thought leaders in the fields of human intelligence, innovation, team performance, design, brain-based learning and psychology. The team created the universal color-coded common language for thinking and the lean meeting smart track processes to accelerate problem solving and collaboration. The 4D-i® was launched in 2001. Over the past decade, Wiele and his team have continued to improve the tools and programs, working with a growing number of progressive clients and colleagues. Back to FAQs


What research is the 4D-i® based on?

The original scientific research in the development and norming of the 4D-i® instrument began in 2000. Chuck Evans, Ph.D., led the research team of organizational and industrial psychologists from Jackson Leadership Systems, along with Kevin Kelloway, Ph.D., from St Mary’s University. Standard research protocols were used throughout the development and the testing of the instrument. The first set of norms was established on a research population of just under 1000 people from 11 countries. The instrument was re-normed in 2004 and again in 2008 on a research population of 25,000 people. The 4D-i® has been proven to be a highly reliable instrument in two separate test: retest reliability studies. The 4D-i® has been used for leadership development, team performance improvement and skill building by leading corporations, governments and educational institutions. Back to FAQs


Strengths? Emotional Intelligence? What is Total Intelligence?

We decided it wasn’t helpful to separate out emotional intelligence from high quality thinking. So we built the word’s first and only integrated toolkit that combines mind, heart and spirit into one system. Total intelligence is the ability to harness all 4 dimensions of our thinking, when you need to figure things out. Total intelligence is the use of all the thinking and emotional skills in creativity, understanding, decision-making and personal spirit, to achieve desired outcomes, when dealing with new, challenging or complex situations, tasks or people. Total intelligence is what we all need to succeed in the 21st century. We need to get beyond the comfort of simply relying on our strengths and preferences. We can no longer afford to just settle on doing on what we like to do. High performers in all walks of life go beyond what is comfortable. They focus hard on mastering what they are not good at, to achieve the outcomes they want. This is especially important in thinking skills. Total intelligence is thinking skills + emotional skills + resilience skills. The 4D-i® teaches you 11 strategies in creative, analytical and critical thinking + 7 strategies in creative intuition, compassion and emotion-based decision-making + 3 strategies to build grit and resilience. The fewer thinking skills you can use, the more limited you are in what you can achieve. The more thinking skills you can master – through hard work and deliberate practice – the more adaptable, effective and successful you will be, regardless of what life throws at you. Back to FAQs


Why Personal Spirit?

Personal spirit is represented by the diamond symbol. A diamond is a precious, multi-sided and unbreakable substance. Personal spirit is like the diamond at the heart of your resilience and self-efficacy. Personal spirit comes from what you do every day and how you respond to life and other people. The research on successful, happy people consistently shows the importance of choosing to use the 3 key factors in personal spirit for success – a positive constructive outlook, a strong sense of inner control and the willingness to take initiative. Back to FAQs


Where does My Personal Spirit Come From?

Developed in 2001, the 4D-i® was the first instrument to track personal spirit. In the intervening years, researchers in positive psychology and related performance fields have begun to map the same inner territory, calling it a variety of terms including grit and flourishing. Personal spirit seems to come from a combination of factors – genetic make-up, life circumstances, upbringing and the choices people make. Research now points to approximately 50% of personal spirit to be within one’s control. If you can make smarter, more positive and mindful choices in dealing with everyday life and adversity, you will strengthen your personal spirit. Notice your own reactions to your 4D-i® results. The more constructively you choose to view these results as useful information, the more likely your positive response will strengthen your personal spirit. How you respond is what you get. Back to FAQs


Can Personal Spirit Be Strengthened?

Absolutely! Personal spirit is more about what you do on a regular basis, than it is about who you are. Like fitness levels and weight, your level of personal spirit can fluctuate based on your daily choices and events in your life. Personal spirit, like physical fitness, can be strengthened and developed with commitment and daily practice. You can choose to be positive and constructive or not. You can choose to find more ways to take control of your life or not. You can choose to take reasonable risks and initiative or not. Remember, personal spirit is what you do everyday. Research consistently shows that drive, perseverance, passion, practice and love for one’s area of expertise are crucial for high performance and success. The more we understand high performance, the more we realize how important personal spirit is – as an individual, as a team member, as a leader, family member, parent or citizen. Back to FAQs