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About OneSmartWorld

After more than 25 years in the corporate training business, I knew that thinking, problem solving and collaboration were going to be the key skills for success in 21st century workplace. Leaders and learning and development professionals had problems in how to develop people and accelerate collaborative teamwork in increasingly complex organizations, with diverse workforces.

They needed something better than conventional personality instruments like the MBTI. People have a hard time changing their personality. I knew anyone can learn to change their thinking.

I launched OneSmartWorld on February 29, 2000. My big goal was to help build a smarter, better world. We wanted to design and develop a simple common language and toolkit for thinking, problem solving and collaboration, that would help people from a diversity of backgrounds, get onto the same page faster and do great work together.

Our project team of Dan Clements, Lynn Iles and I did the initial research to map out 21 precision thinking strategies in what is now called total intelligence. These are the mental and emotional strategies harnessing creativity, understanding, decision-making and personal spirit.  Working with a great team of organizational psychologists, database developers and web experts, we built the first online 4D-i/4Dimensons Inventory and then used the same color coded language and strategies to design simple team-based problem solving and decision-making processes. We are still the first and only integrated platform clients can use to both develop people and use to get work done faster in teams.

Over the past 15 years, our associates and our team members have worked with great clients in business, governments, not for profits and education to help them succeed.

Thanks for coming to our site. I hope you find some ideas and applications that help you succeed. Please connect with us if you would like more information or to start a conversation about how we can support you in achieving your goals.

Bob Wiele

Founder and President,



Highlights of OneSmartWorld’s First 15+ Years

Here are some highlights of the solutions we developed and our clients’ applications.

  • 2000 – launched OneSmartWorld to build a common language and toolkit for thinking, problem solving and collaboration for success in the 21st century
  • 2000 – engaged organizational psychologists at Jackson Leadership Systems to research, norm and co-build the 3Q-i, ( a forerunner of the 4D-I) to integrate, mind/thinking, heart/feeling and spirit into total intelligence
  • 2001 –produced the 4D-i 1.0, the world’s first scientifically based, online thinking skills assessment, that delivered immediate interactive results and coaching tips
  • 2002 – the 4D-i is rated #1 instrument in the world, from a pool of 120 tools and selected by BC government to use with 6000 managers and executives
  • 2002 – published Smart for Life, by Bob Wiele
  • 2003 – published 4 skill building workbooks Smart for Life, Smart Problem Solving, Smart Communication and Smart Meetings
  • 2004 – re-normed the 4D-i on a working population of 8,000 people
  • 2005 – developed the Smarter Meeting lean meeting management system
  • 2007 – published Smarter Meetings: The Smarter Way to Meet
  • 2008- re-normed the 4D-i on a working population of 25,000 people
  • 2008 – delivered a 558% ROI at WestJet, with Smarter Meetings – results released in Investing in People, a three year federally funded study on the financial impact of training, showing the highest return on investment ever measured in a corporate training program
  • 2010 – expand into the education sector with SmartSkills student success programs for first year college students at Centennial, George Brown, Loyalist, Seneca and Assiniboine Colleges and with continuing education students at the Simcoe County District School Board
  • 2011 – selected Top 20 Leadership Development Companies to Watch by Training Industry
  • 2012 – Texas Education Agency selects the 4D-i for their Catalyst leadership program for high performing principals
  • 2012 – partnered with Canadian Management Centre to bring thinking skills and Smarter Meetings programs to their clients
  • 2013 – bank executive team used 4D-I and RIP/IT to achieve breakthrough financial results and national market share increase on key business challenges
  • 2013 – published Competing on Smarts – a white paper on how to teach 5 higher order 21st century skills – thinking, problem solving, communication, collaborative teamwork and resilience.
  • 2014 – produced the next generation 4D-i Professional Development Portfolio and Snapshot PDF reports for our members
  • 2014 – invited to bring OneSmartWorld to Qatar
  • 2014-2015 – partnered with Sheridan College to develop the SmartSkills 21st century skills curriculum for professionals –
  • 2015 – launched the 4D-i 2.0 with full mobile access
  • 2015- selected by Simcoe County District School Board to build the SmartSkills curriculum to deliver the Ontario government’s Youth Job Connect program
  • 2015 – WestJet adopted personal spirit as the core focus for its 2016 Ignite 20 corporate culture building initiative for all employees
  • 2016 – published SmartSkills: 21st Century Skills for Career and Life Success – a four phase 20 module, skills-based program for workforce development, written by Bob Wiele and Mandy St Germaine
  • 2016- British Olympic Association’s Rio 2016 sport medicine team, working with Jo Hopkins, selected the 4D-i to prepare their team for collaborative problem solving, conflict management and decision-making for the summer Olympic Games


Our People

Bob Wiele, President & Founder

bobBob is the passionate force behind OneSmartWorld. In the last 35 years he has captured the hearts and minds of thousands in keynotes and training sessions around the globe. For three decades, Bob has been bringing his message of the urgent need to build a smarter, better world. His lifelong quest is in helping people, teams and enterprises in business and education, make positive change by learning how to think better and work smarter together. He has trained people in organizations to develop their leaders, build high performance teams and to accelerate collaboration. A relentless innovator, Bob is continues to develop world-class thinking tools that people can use right away to build their skills, make better decisions and tap into their total intelligence of their team. He is the author of a variety of books and papers, including Smart for Life, theSmartSkills @ Work set of 5 essential 21st century skills workbooks, Smarter Meetings, Competing on Smarts and Working with Volunteer Boards.

Contact Bob:
(705) 444 1234
(705) 444 4231 (c)

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Mandy St Germaine, Director People Success

MandyMandy’s work experience includes over 25 years in human resources with a passion for career coaching and corporate learning. As the Director of Client Success her skills in supporting our clients include, one on one coaching and developing creative and engaging training programs to help build capacity. Mandy’s greatest contributions to the OSW team are her warm yellow and green and personal spirit. This translates into a great empathy and ability to tune-into the needs of clients and the ability to find creative solutions to challenges. With a high preference for tuning-in and empathizing Mandy is relied upon to go above and beyond with anyone requiring a little extra TLC, including the many mis-dialed calls we receive at our 1-800 phone number every day. With a great sense of fun and adventure Mandy enjoys the outdoors and playing the same practical joke on Bob, every day.

Contact Mandy:
(705) 444 1234 ext 222


Jo Hopkins, OneSmartWorld Master Trainer, UK

A former International athlete, International coach and Director of Performance within the realm of High performance sport, Jo is a OneSmartWorld Master Trainer with over 20 years of experience delivering individual coaching and designing tailored programmes to develop people and empower teams within the performance environment. As Director of Jo Hopkins Consulting she actively works with both high performance sport and executive development agencies. A key focus of her current role is providing support to both the British Olympic Association and UK Sport programmes. Jo currently serves as the Performance Mentor for the Team GB Performance Services Team, British Olympic Association, for both Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020.

Jo is a lead Facilitator on the UK Sport World class Mentoring Programme based She is a lead Facilitator on the UK Sport World class Mentoring Programme based at Ashridge Business School. She combines her performance sport and leadership expertise to develop the skills and understanding necessary for individuals and teams in business to deliver results in a pressure environment. Passionate about developing women in any high performance environment, she acts as the current Lead Facilitator for the UK Coaching Women into High Performance Programme.

Jo works with a diverse range of clients from professional sport organisations (PGA; Irish; Rugby; Irish Football Association), Government agencies (UK Sport; British Olympic Association; Sport Northern Ireland; Sport Scotland; Sport Wales) and commerce (Mercers; AllState; NIE Power; London Stock Exchange Group; Citibank)  A core focus of her work across all these organizations is empowering individuals to excel.

Through her roles within the UK Sports system and as a Performance Director within the Canadian sports system she has considerable experience in the design and delivery of development programmes for both coaches and leaders. Her 15 years of experience leading and working within Olympic and Commonwealth programmes has  developed a deep understanding of the essential processes and elements required for both Organisations and individuals to perform effectively under pressure.

Jo brings many of the key elements of the performance sport world into effective interventions in the business environment management experience for the Insurance Industry and Board level. In particular, her experience working in the complex and often politically sensitive environment of performance sport, with multiple stakeholders and a pressure to deliver results have proved a great asset when working with clients from both the private and public sectors.
Contact Jo: via Email