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Why OneSmartWorld

Why OneSmartWorld you ask?


One System, Endless Applications.

We think all the time. We make thousands of decisions everyday – when to get up, what to eat, what to wear, how to get to where we need to go, how to work with others, what to say and do with people, how to get things done, how to deal with problems and problematic people everyday. Our two signature tools, the 4D-i and Smarter Meetings, are simple, easy to use, proven workplace applications that produce excellent results. They are built on a strong foundation of research and 25 years of business testing and development to build successful applications. Our programs work. Guaranteed. We work with you to customize solutions to make sure they work for you.

The First 15 Years

Here are some cool things we are proud of

  • 2000 -Bob Wiele, Lynn Iles and Dan Clement mapped out 4 dimensions of high performance thinking; developed a universal color-coded language with symbols to make it easy to learn and use – creativity/green, understanding/yellow, red decision-making/red and personal spirit/white; identified 7 thinking and emotional mindsets and identified 21 precision thinking strategies – creative thinking – 4 strategies, creative intuition – 2 strategies; analytical thinking – 3 strategies, compassion – 3 strategies; critical thinking – 4 strategies, value-driven – 1 strategy, gut intuition 1 strategy.
  • 2001 – launch the 4D-i®, the first online, interactive, scientifically-based business thinking skills assessment – instant access to results, My 4D-I – online descriptions of results, Coach – online guide to building skills in all 4 dimensions, Portfolio – a PDF based report; Search – a talent management human capital inventory of people’s highest thinking preferences
  • 2002 – publish the Smart for Life book by Bob Wiele – now in its 6th edition
  • 2002 – the 4D-I selected as #1 rated instrument from a pool of 120 assessments, by expert panel to train 6000 managers and leaders in government of British Columbia
  • 2003 – publish 4 workbooks on the Power of Smart Thinking, Problem Solving, Smart Communication and Smart Meetings
  • 2004 – re-norm the 4D-I on data from 8000 people
  • 2006 – computer coder has midlife crisis, steals our code and uses it as ransom with his boss
  • 2007 – build first version of the full Smarter Meetings program
  • 2008 – re-norm and launch 4D-I 2.0 on data from 25,000 people and released an upgraded platform
  • 2009 – Smarter Meetings achieves highest ROI rating of a 558% return, the highest return on investment, in the shortest time at the lowest cost, in 3 year federal study on the value of corporate training
  • 2011 – selected global Top 20 Leadership Development companies to watch by Training Industry
  • 2012 – sign training distribution agreement with the Canadian Management Centre
  • 2013 – publish Competing on Smarts – white paper on a simple platform to teach 21st century skills
  • 2013 – upgrade the 4D-i database platform and release new 4D-I Professional Development Portfolio
  • 2014 – forge a joint development agreement with Campus Performance to build a 60 hour online career college course
  • 2015 – launch SmartSkills at Sheridan College – a competency based workshop series to develop skills in each of the 21 strategies for the 21st century workplace
  • 2015 – launch Success @ Work – Thinking Strategies for Today’s Workplace by Workplace Education Manitoba, a joint collaboration to prepare workers for jobs based on essential skills
  • June 6-8, 2015 – launch TiiMSwith Campus Performance– the Total Intelligence®Information Management System, in Denver. TiiMS is an integrated data management solution to improve retention and increase student success for college leaders.
  • July 1, 2015 – launch 4D-i version 3.0 on HTML 5 to make it available on all devices

3 Business Highlights

  1. 4D-i rated the #1 instrument in the world, from a pool of over 120 assessments, by an expert panel for the government of British Columbia. The 4D-I was selected as the thinking skills tool to train over 6000 managers and leaders.
  2. Smarter Meetings system achieved a 558% ROI, for an airlines client, the highest quantified return on investment ever recorded in a formal evaluation of the value of a corporate training program. The results were reported in Investing in People, a federally funded 3 year study on the financial impact of training.
  3. RIP IT/Rapid Innovation Program delivered a $40M bottom line return to a global oil client and an additional $100M in new business in one year, for a product line, to a financial services institution. Both used RIP IT to systematically tap into the brainpower of their people to find new ways to cut costs and increase revenue.

3 Education Highlights

  1. SmartSkills® cracks the code for how to learn and teach 21st century skills – identify, measure, teach and learn 5 higher order thinking and behavioral skills off a single common language and tool kit of 4 dimensions, 7 mindsets and the 21 strategies for high performance thinking.
  2. Research study with the 4D-i at Centennial College shows direct co-relation between student thinking styles and academic performance – results give educators insights on how to increase retention and student achievement
  3. Launch of Sheridan College program to develop 21 core thinking skills for professionals