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The 3 Me’s: How To Get Smarter Everyday


I think we all have 3 Me’s inside us- an Automatic Me, a Setback Me and a Smarter Me. Our lives are really a series of moment-to-moment events. Who we are is a result of which Me we choose to use in each of these moments.

In any situation, we always have 3 Me’s to choose from:

  1. Automatic Me – This Me is the same old me, on automatic pilot, doing the same things I always do, in the same way. There’s no real effort, choice or fresh thinking involved. I just do what I always do. It’s my mindless Me – good when I’ve got repeatable routines in place to get simple things done. Not a good choice when things change, become more complex, and require a different response.
  2. Set Back Me – This Me also known as my knee jerk me or ” What was I thinking Me!” It’s when I make dumb, impatient choices in the moment. They take me off track and away from my goals. My Setback Me often comes a quick dumb reaction and not stopping long enough to think things through. My Setback Me choices send me backwards and downwards – not good for my health, my relationships or my progress.
  3. Smarter Me – This Me is my mindful and empowering Me. This is when I decide to slow things down and look more carefully at the situation or person involved, take control and decide what will help me move forward. First, I step back and gather some information. Next, I go green light and think about my options. Third, I go red light to stop and decide what’s the smartest thing to do.

One Video:  Check out how Roger Federer explains how he deliberately made the shift to use a smarter me approach to improve his performance.

One Story:  One of my sons is the general manager of a large retail sporting goods store with a lot of young employees. When a junior staff got into trouble with his supervisor by not following the rules, my son coached him with this advice:

“When your supervisor comes over to tell you to clean up your act and stop doing what you were doing, your hot headed inside voice will probably want tell him that the rules are stupid and he should go …. ” But, if you want to keep your job here, your smarter outside voice needs to say “Thanks for telling me that, boss. I’ll take your advice and not make the same mistake again.”

One Final Thought: When you choose your Smarter Me, you are literally getting smarter. A new definition of intelligence is ‘when you take deliberate actions and make conscious choices that move you forward to reduce the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Make more Smarter Me choices in the moment. Think more. React less. Choose Smarter Me and it will put you in control of where you want to go and how you want to get there.

One Good Book: Scott Barry Kaufman Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined: The Truth about Talent, Practice, Creativity and the Many Paths to Greatness


Bob Wiele is the founder and president of OneSmartWorld, a business that empowers people and teams to get great results, by accelerating collaboration and innovation with a common language, a set of smart skills and practical tools. Bob’s team of associates and partners around the world offer training programs, certification and licensing in the 4D-i/4Dimensions Inventory, smarter meetings system, team building and the RIP IT/Rapid innovation process. Bob is married to Mandy St Germaine and they live in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.



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