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SMART TEAMS: Accelerate Collaborative Teamwork


Stop Bad Meetings. Accelerate Collaborative Teamwork. Spark Innovation and Business Results.

Meetings are the black hole of the 21st century organization. We can help. Make all your meetings smarter and more productive. Take advantage of our Smarter Meeting program’s 558% ROI, the highest return on investment of any corporate training program ever measured.

1. The Smart Team Accelerator
Senior Team Building and results oriented solution
A one to two day professional development, team building and strategic problem solving workshop. Get real results – guaranteed. Implement solutions quickly with strong buy-in. Change the conversation. Learn new skills. Build a smarter, high performance team. Map and tap into every member’s brainpower. Learn and use the RIP IT/Rapid Innovation Process accelerated innovation and problem solving method to produce great results. Learn More

2. Smarter Meetings
The Smarter Way to Meet
A one day professional development workshop for team leaders, project managers, executives, managers and intact teams. Our Smarter Meetings method delivers – a 558% ROI the highest return on investment of any corporate training program ever measured. Reduce time in meetings by 25% +. Get more done. Learn more.

Rapid Innovation Program. Results driven strategy and business solution.
This results driven process gives progressive enterprise leaders a powerful, proven method to develop strategy on critical business issues. It engages a diversity of people from across the organization to build solutions, by following a disciplined process from issue identification to idea generation to solution development. The size of the group can range from 15 – 1500. Involve everyone from frontline employees to stakeholders and those responsible for the implementation of the results. The RIP IT only works if senior leaders are serious about listening to and harnessing the input, brain power and advice of their group members. Your people are your business, this is a perfect opportunity to use their knowledge and experience to deliver better solutions faster to critical business challenges.



Professional Certification: Level 2 Accelerate Collaborative Teamwork and Business Results – ideal for professional service firms looking for a new competitive advantage, facilitators, coaches and learning specialists inside organizations. Learn more.


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GET WHAT YOU NEED THE WAY YOU WANT IT – Develop Customized Learning Solutions with the 4D-i Interested in learning how to accelerate performance of your learning programs. Let’s start a conversation. We can help you use our tools to build better, customized learning solutions that meet your needs. Give us a call.


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