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21st Century Skills Accelerators

21st Century Skills

Progressive leaders in workforce development and education across the world know that profound shifts are happening in society and the workplace. People need to learn a different set of skills to succeed in the knowledge economy. Adaptability, versatility, higher order thinking and collaboration are now core competencies.

In the 20th century, it was all about how smart you are. Go to school. Take a test. Get a mark. The old smart was measured by educational tests that relied on accuracy, comprehension and retention.

In the 21st century knowledge economy, 85% of new jobs require mental skills. Now it’s all about knowing how you are smart. Grow your smart skills. Make your mark. The new smart is measured on how well you can think, self-manage, problem solve, communicate and collaborate with others.

“The purpose of education is to prepare learners for
 the future. Learners need more than subjects and content in their curriculum.
They need to acquire a new set of 21st century ‘smart skills’ to help them become more nimble, more adaptive and versatile.
Beyond subject mastery, learners need to be more effective thinkers, communicators, creative problem solvers and collaborative teammates.” Dr. Mona Mourshed, partner and Director of Education at McKinsey

SMARTSKILLS®: 21ST Century Skills Solutions for Leaders in Workforce Development, Youth and Education


Competing On Smarts (PDF Download)

Our SmartSkills® educational solutions are for progressive leaders in government, education and business who are seeking innovative methods to develop 21st century skills in their learners.   SmartSkills® is based on how to implement Canada’s essential skills and the US Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Our programs are developed thanks to the work of many thought leaders. They are designed from our own original R&D into the underlying mental and emotional strategies people need to think, create, communicate and make decisions. Clients include programs at Sheridan College, the Rotman School of Business – University of Toronto, The Career Foundation, Third Quarter, Seneca College, Centennial College, Vancouver Island University, Simcoe County District School Board and the Surrey School Board.

See:  Competing On Smarts in Canada (PDF)

SmartSkills delivers five essential higher order 21st century thinking and behavioral skills in two different program formats

  • Smart Skill 1. Thinking skills – creative, analytical and critical thinking
  • Smart Skill 2. Problem solving skills
  • Smart Skill 3. Communication skills
  • Smart Skill 4. Collaboration in working with others skills
  • Smart Skill 5. Resilient personal spirit skills

These programs all start with the 4D-i thinking preference assessment as the landing place to develop self-awareness and self-understanding. This instrument also provides the launching pad for learning the cognitive and emotional mindsets and the thinking strategies at the basis of all the higher order 21st century skills.

See: SCDSB Report Impact of Thinking Skills on Success (PDF)

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About OneSmartWorld Inc in Collingwood, ON

Looking for the inside edge?
We can build up your thinking skills and turn your meetings into valuable five 21st Century Skills in how to think better, solve problems, and communicate with others, work in teams and build personal spirit.
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SmartSkills®: 21st Century Skills for Career and Life Success

In 2014 and 2015 OneSmartWorld developed in depth curriculum for youth at risk and workforce development programs for people in transition. We collaborated with Sheridan College and developed programs for the government of Ontario’s Youth Job Connect, Manitoba’s Success @ Work and with Skills Connect Hire Experience. The new SmartSkills: 21st Century Skills for Career and Life Success, is a four phase 20 module program.

  • Phase 1. Project Me: Foundations for Success.
  • Phase 2: The People Advantage.
  • Phase 3: Personal Branding.
  • Phase 4: Job Ready

Dive Deeper:  See Module1 of the SmartsKills Sheridan Program (PDF)



  1. SmartSkills: 5 Essential Skills – five skills based modules
  2. SmartSkills: 21st Century Skills for Career and life Success – 20 module program
  3. Customized SmartSkills Program Development Initiatives
  4. Professional Certification