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Think Smarter. Work Smarter.

Our Core Beliefs start with the fact that everyone is smart in their own unique way.   We don’t ‘test’ or ‘assess personality’ at OneSmartWorld.

Our tools and suite of programs go way beyond that as we work with people and teams to think differently and take those patterns to their schools, workplaces and community.

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Big Ideas and Deep Beliefs Drive Us

Our team and Associates team of certified professionals carry seven core values that everyone believes are vital to enabling people develop the skills and approaches we all need to succeed and thrive in an increasingly uncertain, changing world.

Impacts and Solutions

4 Dimensions Inventory Tool

Our suite of programs focus on leadership development, increasing individual and teamwork skills- all based of our proven tool, the 4D-i®   

Improve Performance

Thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration are the core 21st century skills for leaders and teams.

Productive Workforce

OneSmartWorld solutions are designed for business and teams to enhance the skills needed for high productivity with  a boost to operations and profits.


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Smart For Life Workbook

Soft Skills = Smart Skills

Soft skills are the new essential skills employers want in the 21st century workplace. If you can’t think well, figure stuff out and work well with others, you will have a hard time finding or keeping a job.

Know Yourself 

The online 4D-i®/ 4Dimensions Inventory delivers instant results to Know Your Self better and practical advice for how to Grow Your Self. The 4D-i® is like a power tool kit for your mind, heart and spirit.

The 4D-i is a learning passport into a whole new way of thinking. Learn your own and your team members’ thinking preferences. Grow and expand thinking skills. Increase adaptability. Improve how to relate to people who think and differently. Accelerate collaborative teamwork.

Why the 4D-i?

It is time to go beyond personality traits and relying only on strengths. You can’t change what other people do. You often can’t change the situations you find yourself in. You can change what you do and the results you get, by changing your thinking. That’s how we help. Learn how to shift and develop your thinking skills. Create more ideas. Understand, communicate and collaborate better with others. Make smarter decisions. Build your resilience. Learn the core strategies and skills to master all 4 dimensions of high-performance thinking.


Every company needs good leaders. However, finding them and helping them understand how to put their leadership skills to good use can be a challenge. Our programs facilitate leadership development and cultivate their skills.


At OneSmartWorld, each of our programs is specifically designed to help your team members counter the unique challenges they face in today’s competitive work environment. All of our programs have evolved over the past 17 years and are based on our mission to create a smarter, better world.

SmartSkills® for Business

We offer two great programs for businesses: develop leaders and build smarter teams with our innovative 4D-i® program and save time and get more done in meetings with our Smarter Meetings program. Both programs provide your business with simple, powerful and effective tools that improve performance, productivity and profitability.

SmartSkills® for Education

The SmartSkills®: 21st Century Skills for Success is the first program to deliver five higher-order 21st century thinking and behavioral skills off one single platform. Help your students learn how to think better critically, analytically and creatively, solve problems, communicate, build their personal spirit and work with others. Each of these skill-based programs begins by helping students develop personal awareness of how they are smart with our 4D-i® assessment for learning.

Workforce Development

Now, more than 85% of jobs require mental skills, more important than physical skills. At OneSmartWorld, our SmartSkills®: 21st Century Skills for Success program and our customizable business solutions can help you upgrade your people’s skills for greater business success now and in the future.